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Get the ONLY customized content guide based on your unique aura.

Elevate your marketing copy and drive cosmic results in your business!







"Just copy my perfect formula" is a bad strategy. Sure, it might appear to save you time, but if you're not getting results, every second you spend copying and pasting someone else's cookie cutter content strategy is not worth it. You just end up even more confused on how to talk about your business online to actually generate results. 

And WHY aren't you getting results? It's NOT because you didn't show up, or that you didn't want it bad enough, or that you didn't hustle hard enough *insert eye roll* - when you follow a generic system, you become a generic solution. No one is vibin' with basic anymore.


If you're struggling with content inspiration and tired of following the status quo - this is for you. The Cosmic Content Membership includes a customized content guide every four weeks with:

  • 28 prompts customized using your aura (a synthesis of systems based on your birth details) for magnetic content inspo completely unique to you and your business
  • Daily posting schedule (rooted in Astrology)
  • Perfect for social media, video, email, podcast episodes, blog posts and more
  • Bonus tips & tricks
  • Monthly Q+A and Coworking sesh (beginning Jan 2023)


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Get the ONLY customized content guide based on your unique aura.

Elevate your marketing copy and drive cosmic results in your business!


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No more wasting time figuring out what to say, scrolling endlessly on social media for inspo, or buying another generic fill-in-the blank template

Designed to work the way you do. Create whenever you are inspired to, or batch create content with ease, whatever you do, do it at your own rhythm

Grounded in your birth details - this means no lengthy questionnaire to fill out, instant access, and specific to you content prompts, automagically!

how it  WORKS

Cosmic Content is unique to you and is based on your birth date, time, and location.

This information is then interpreted through the lens of the Human Design system - a combination of ancient wisdoms and modern science like astrology, the i'ching, the chakra system, the tree of life, and quantum mechanics.

Every four weeks you get a one in two billion guide that gives you daily content inspiration you can use for social media, email marketing, video content, podcast shows, blog posts, and more.


"Social media gives me so much anxiety but thanks to the Cosmic Content I have been able to better understand how to align my message to who I am, without the pressure of following what everybody else is doing. Knowing that I can create amazing content by understanding my aura has made my life 100 times simpler."

Pam, Embrace The Mess

for only $9/mo

This will be the best $9 you'll ever invest in your business every month. Pinky promise.

I know you've been burned before, so if you don't love it, you can cancel at any time.

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HEY, I'm ShaĆ­na

Here's how I help female entrepreneurs find their unique voice:

In 2010, I was diagnosed with PCOS and decided to go to school for Womens Health Studies and Naturopathy where I learned SO much about my body, hormones, and energy.



While in school, I supported my family as a business consultant to female entrepreneurs and brands - helping them become more efficient and actualize their goals.


I was introduced to the Human Design system at this time, a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences that gives you a blueprint of how you uniquely operate in the world.


I put my health education and knowledge of the Human Design system together to bring a new element to my consulting work - fighting hustle culture, burnout, and generic marketing practices.


Now, I introduce you to the Cosmic Content Membership - the result of over a decade of creating tools for women that honors who they really are AND their unique energy.


This membership is a community where you'll get content ideas that speak specifically to YOU and YOUR audience, but also, a place to discover more about yourself.


It's important to me that the people who need you, can actually find you! So, I've put everything I know about unleashing your magnetic messaging into these custom 4 week guides.


Honoring your energy, and embracing uniqueness is prioritized and encouraged here. I'm tired of women being conditioned to work against their natural rhythm, and if you are, too...


...find your flow, uncover what makes your aura shine, and leave more room for the little things.

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